Thursday, 16 October 2014

Mini Lush Christmas Haul

Every Christmas Lush bring out their Limited Edition range of Christmas goodies, I had just come back from London and was feeling sleep deprived, hungover (alcohol is bad) and generally poop, so I thought I would pop into Lush to check them out in a bid to help me feel better. I am always a sucker for the Limited Edition ranges Lush bring out and I also love Christmas like no other, so combining these two things just makes me so happy.  In an ideal, unlimited money kind of work I will try all of the Christmas range before they leave the stores, but seen as I am poor and payday isn't until tomorrow I thought I would just pick up two items this time.

Candy Mountain is a bubble bar packed full of fun. It's pink and white, glittery and smells like sweets and candy. This bubble bar does exactly what it says, it packs your tub full of lovely smelling bubbles, it also turns your bath water pink! This is a nice way to jazz up a regular bath and if you like the smell of sweet things, you will love this.

Butterbear is a bath bomb, which fizzes in the water and makes your bath water feel silky smooth. This bath bomb contains Cocoa butter to help soften the skin while you soak, and has a delicate vanilla like fragrance. This is a great bath bomb for relaxing, or you can use it in your childrens baths as part of their bed time routine to help them calm down before bed. It is also one of the cheaper bath bombs at Lush, making it an affordable treat to add into your bathing experience.

If you haven't checked out their Christmas range, I strongly suggest you do before its to late.


  1. I bought these two as well! Haven't tried them yet but cannot wait! I was invited to the Lush Christmas Launch Event recently so managed to see the whole collection and I love it all! xoxo

  2. Yeh I was invited to the Cardiff event but I was working so missed it, boo. I love Lush.