Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Mini review - Lush lip scrub

Lush has always been my guilty pleasure, for students their products are a tad out of price range but I still buy them and spend the rest of the month skint. I suffer from really bad dry lips, I always have. So the lush lip scrub is something I really need in my life, or at least that's how I justify buying it.
I have the popcorn flavoured one, I don't really like the taste of this if I’m honest, but I guess I didn’t buy it for the taste, I find it’s very salty, but I can deal with it.
You basically use this product by pinching a small amount in your fingers and rubbing it onto dry lips. It does say you then lick the product off, I think that's gross, you will be licking the product off yes, but you will also be licking off dead skin, ew. So I just rinse mine off with water, I usually do this before cleansing my face.
This product is essentially sugar and oils, pretty simple to make at home, but I can be lazy. I find the scrub leaves my lips soft and really does help to remove any excess skin. Ideal for winter time when we all suffer from chapped lips. I then follow this step with a lip balm for really soft lips.

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