Thursday, 31 January 2013

Products Iv used up

I try not to start with the generic 'I cant believe a month has gone by already' thing, but seriously, that was a very fast month. For me January is always a month of trying new products, mainly because I receive a lot of new products/ buy a lot of new products in this month as its my birthday month, which means money and spending haha. Having said that, I have used up a fair few products in the last month or so and found some new loves.

The first of which is the Boots Botanics 97% organic cleansing balm, Iv done a full review here. I just love this and have already re-purched it, its perfect for removing make up and ideal for someone with dry skin. Love, love ,love it! ps, its very affordable and easy to get your hands on.

The next skin care item I adore is the Liz earle cleanse and Polish,  Its a cult product that everyone seems to use and love. I would defiantly buy this again, once iv used up the millions of other cleansers I own.

Grease Lightening by Lush is a spot treatment that I have bought about 4 times now, I love it and think it works really well at naturally healing spots without leaving scares behind, plus its natural and chemical free which is great.

Soap and Glory sugar crush body scrub is another cult favourite, in all honestly, now iv used it all up I highly doubt Ill buy it again, It was nothing ground breaking and I have tried better and more affordable scrubs.

Garnier hands was another mediocre product, L'Occitane dry skin hand cream trumped it and I would highly recommend it to anyone searching for a good, highly moisturising hand cream.

Another Lush products Iv used up (I have a Lush addiction) is the Happy Hippy shower gel, great for early mornings when you need help waking up. I really enjoy using Lush products and this shower gel is no exception.

Last but by no means least are the Bed head Urban-antidotes shampoo and conditioner, my god are these good. The only issue I have with them is the smell, I cant stand it.  But for anyone with seriously dry or damaged hair, you need these in your me. 

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