Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Mini haul

Picture heavy post!

So as some of you may know, the sales are kicking off in the high street right now. I was already there so I thought the dreaded, 'why not just have a quick look' (even thought I cant really afford to be spending money right now and its never just have a 'look', and its never quick come to think of it)

The first place I popped in was H&M, now their sale as been on for a while now so I wasn't expecting to find anything I really liked...... How wrong was I! I feel in love with this floral dress and for £7 I couldn't resist it!

 I then stopped off at new look, now they don't really have a sale on right now. I'm not sure if its been and gone, if its due soon or if they arnt even having one but I had a look around none the less and saw the most amazing earnings ever. They are right up my street, slightly girly but edgy with the spikes and the diamond/pyramid studs.

 I then stopped off at boots and had to hold myself back from buying everything, eventually after what seems like forever of looking and trying to pick which things I wanted the most, I decided to get a French manicure 'set', with the white and pink polish from natural collection. They arnt really a set but you generally done buy one without the other.