Thursday, 26 July 2012

Bourjois 'chocolate bronzer'

Shade 51

I recently bought the Bourjois Delice de poudre bronzer also known as the 'chocolate bronzer', due to its chocolate bar design. Some people also say that It smells like chocolate but I disagree, I dont think it has a chocolate smell at all.... Anyway, this bronzer costs £6.99 and can be bought at Boots, Superdrug and on their own website, so easily accessible. 

It gives a lovely natural bronzed look, without leaving you looking orange or looking like you have applied a fake bronzing power. It gives your face a beautiful tanned glow which is perfect for summer time. For the most part this powder is matte, with possibly the smallest amount of shimmer in it, hardly noticeable to the eye. It has a soft texture and applies really easy and even. It gives your complexion a great finish without the cakeyness and powdery look. It is ideal for contorting or  all over face bronzing due to the fact it has hardly any to no shimmer. It comes in two shades so It covers a fairly wide range of skin colours. However I dont think it would work well for those with very pale skin or very dark skin. 

I think this is an excellent bronzer for the price tag, its highly rated in the beauty world and I can see why.  Bourjois never fails to impress me and this bronzer is no exception

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