Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Trevor Sorbie - Beautiful blonde

My hair is naturally a light brown/dark blond, I dye my hair with a 'at home' medium/light shade of blond dye, I'm sure many of you know that when dying your hair blond from brown you risk turning your hair slightly orange and trust me It has happened to me far to many times! The Trevor Sorible beautiful blond- ice cool platinum shampoo is a life saver for when disaster strikes, it is a lilac shampoo which helps to reduce the brassy orange tones in blond hair making it more vibrant and blond and allows you to brighten and alter the brassy orange-ness without having to dye the hair again. This shampoo has semi permanent dyes in it (but doesn't smell horrible like hair dye) to help brighten and rejuvenate dull blond hair, as blond hair can often look a lot less shiny than brown hair due to the pigmentation and also the fact going blond often involves heavy bleaching to the hair which causes serious damage to hair follicles. This shampoo iisn't just for coloured hair, it can be used on natural blonde's, highlighted blond or even people with white/grey hair to help enhance the natural colours. It can also be used on all hair types, from fine to thick, curly to straight. Making this shampoo fantastic.

 As well as helping enhance the blond colour in your hair without having to keep dying it (which then causes more damage and makes your hair look even more dull) this shampoo also contains heat protection, which is great for someone like me as I don't really use heat protection- Bad I know, but I'm just so lazy! (I don't really heat style my hair that often so Its not so bad I guess). There is also shine and colour enhancing technology within this product, it really does help to make the most out of blond hair.

I found my hair looked brighter, healthier and felt softer. I'm not sure how this shampoo does so many things but I really love it! It has helped to lighten some darker more gingery sections of my hair and hasn't caused more damage like dying it would

The photo above shows the travel size shampoo that is 75ml and cost £1.99, I suggest this size would be perfect for someone who wants to try this product without having to commit to the £6 odd price tag of the full size product. You can also buy the matching conditioner in a travel size bottle, the conditioner has been formulated to be paired in conjunction with this shampoo for optimal effectiveness. It is also easily accessible and can be found in places such as Boots. 

It really is a great shampoo for blonds, I often find purple based shampoos take so long to show any sort of result in my hair but this one worked after a few washes, I take my hat of to Trevor Soribie for this brilliant and genius shampoo.

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