Saturday, 16 June 2012

Garnier Intensive7day challenge

I decided to take part in the Intensive7days free trial challenge that you can register for here. I was in the need of a new body moisturiser and decided to take up the offer of being able to sample this for free before having to committed to buying a full size moisturiser and possibly not liking it after doing so. The pack came with seven sachets, one to be used each day for the whole seven days. I found one sachet gave a generous amount that could cover both legs and leave a little more left over if needed. The sample kit came with little tester strips that you were meant to dab on your skin before and after the 7 days to see the different moister levels in the skin before and after using this product. The strips show up white marks and the more white marks, the drier your skin. This shows you how well the product has worked for you and allows you to not only feel the results on your skin but see for yourself if it has truly worked. This moisturiser is designed to not only help to coat your skin with moister but increase the level of moister in your skin cells to prevent dry skin. It comes in a gel and lotion formulae as well as a specific hand treatment cream, the gel style formulae would be ideal for those who have slightly more normal skin, but still want to add moister and make their skin soft, the gel is a lighter formulae so would be great for applying before getting changed in the morning as it will sink in to the skin faster and not leave a heavy, greasy residue sitting on the skin. while the lotion is a richer cream, designed for drier skin that will help to really nourish and moisturise dry skin. It doesn't leave you feeling sticky, greasy or wet, so you don't have to stand about for ages waiting to dry, which isn't fun at all and I'm sure no one likes to have to do that, I know I don't!

'New Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days, a new body care range enriched with L-Bifidus* for hydration that goes on and on. Offering 5 lotions that are derived of natural ingredients suited for different skin needs.
This lightweight lotion is non-greasy and absorbs in a flash!'
The intensive7day moisturiser comes in different 'flavours' as I like to call them,
-honey which is designed for dry/sensitive skin to help sooth any irritation that can be caused by sensitive skin.
-mango oil lotion for rough skin.
-cocoa butter for dull skin.
-shea butter for extra dry skin to help repair it.
-aloe vera lotion for normal skin..

As you can see there really is something for everyone, there is a large range of moisturisers in the Garnier line, not only the intensive7day moisturisers but also the bodyrepair (extra dry skin) , bodytonic (firming lotion) and summer body (gradual tanner). Garnier is well worth a look at if your trying to find a new moisturiser and seen as you can get a free 7 day sample, you don't have to spend anything to try it!

Three cheers for free samples and soft skin!!! :D

Will you try this?