Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Avene gentle gel cleanser

Eau thermale Avene gentle gel cleanser is designed for normal to combination sensitive skin, it comes in a 200ml pump bottle for around the £10 mark. It has no fragrance, and is designed for intolerant and the most sensitive of skin. It does have parabens in which I'm not a huge fan of, but this product works a dream so I can forgive them for that. It helps to balance my skin out perfectly, I have combination skin and this product doesn't dry out my face and it doesn't leave it feeling greasy. After using it my skin feels so soft and smooth, this product works great in conjunction with a muslin cloth. It doesn't foam at all (no soap in product), which took me a while to get us to as I normally use products that lather up, its totally clear when on your face despite the product looks slightly pink in the bottle but feels really smooth when applying it.

 I was worried that this might break me out like the Liz earl cleans and polish did, as I tend to go for products designed at targeting spots and deviating away from that made me slightly worried that my skin wouldn't be able to handle not having products that are aimed at spot fighting. I'm happy to say I have not broke out from this product, It has made me re-think my whole skin care routine, I think I might have been over drying my skin, thus causing over production of oil and then creating spots. I also underestimated how dehydrate my skin was, until I started using a product that wasn't aimed at removing oil.

 Avene also do a gentle cleanser that is aimed at more dry skin that is not a wash off formula like this gel gentle cleanser is, as well as millions of other products that would be perfect for people who have sensitive skin, allergies or even skin conditions such as eczema. The packaging for this I actually really like, its simple and clean looking and allows the product to speak for its self and In my eyes this product speaks volumes. Its a no fuss, but effective cleanser and I really do like it. 

I really do love Avene, I use their TriAcneal which I believe really did cure my acne problem, I have never had any problems with Avene, highly recommend! Gold star to Avene for creating such a great skincare line. 

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