Wednesday, 27 June 2012


This month I haven't really gone through a whole load of products, mainly because I'm not really using a bunch of products right now.

Firstly iv used......

  • L'oreal paris preference high shine conditioner - This is a hair treatment that comes with my hair dye, usually I don't really bother with these because I tend to use my own treatments, but I really enjoyed this, it made my hair feel and look so nice, shiny and soft. If this was sold on its own I would totally buy it!
  • Caudalie S.O.S thirst quenching serum - I got this in one of my glossyboxs' and really loved it, Im very, very tempted to buy the full size of this because I loved it so much. It helped my skin so much, on any dry flaky areas and all over the face in general. 
  • Caudalie beauty elixir - This is a cult product that everyone seems to be raving about lately, I can see why! I really adore this product and Im going to by the £30 bottle as soon as I get paid, Iv seen so much benefits from this, not just for my skin but my mood when I use this! 5 gold stars for this. 
  • Monu enriched body cream - I didnt really like this, It didn't do much at all. Iv tired better body moisturisers , this also calmed to firm the skin as well, which I don't really agree with, or at least it had no effect on me. I don't think Id re perches this. 
  • No7 Beautiful skin foaming cleanser (oily/combination) - This product was neither bad nor good, It didn't really do anything ground breaking to my skin, it kept it clean yes but nothing else really. Its just a very simple face wash, that would be good for someone more sensitive. I don't think Id buy this again due to the fact that iv tried better before. 

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