Tuesday, 22 May 2012

L'oreal paris elvive damage care

I bought L'oreal paris elvive damage care masque and shampoo because I went back to my flat and realised I left my shampoo at my family home, so I needed to buy a new one. While I was in the super market doing my food shopping  I had a quick look at the shampoos and realised L'oreal had a buy one get one free offer. I paid for the masque as it was the more expensive one of the two and got the shampoo free, Its designed for damaged and/or brittle hair which I have, I don't use heat of my hair on a regular basis but I do dye my hair and even before I started to dye it I had naturally dry, brittle and curly hair so Iv always had more dry and frizzy hair.

The shampoo and masque aim to 'fill in' cracks in your hair and seal the hairs cuticles for a smoother effect. They claim to have a molecule in called ceramide-cement that is a replica of the natural cement found in hair which provides results that can help with up to 95% less breakage. Both the shampoo and masque have a sort of fruity smell, you only need to use a small amount of the shampoo and the masque is thick which I like and has the texture of what I can only describe as soft butter which I wasn't expecting at all but has turned out to be a key reason as to why I like it so much, It helps to coat all of my hair which some thinner consistency products don't because I have such thick hair.

I was very sceptical about this even working as I don't really hold high hopes for 'drug store' shampoos and masques but all I really needed was a shampoo to last until I went back to my family home and could pick up the one I left behind. This actually surprised me though, Its not a ground breaking shampoo and masque but I do feel like its help the split ends in my hair feel less frizzy and dry. As this aims to fill in the cracks in the hair It means my hair still has split ends like before but now they feel and look more sleek and smooth rather than all fly away,scruffy and rough in texture. Its defiantly helped the texture of my hair and hasn't weighed it down, which can be a big problem for me as I have naturally curly hair that I leave in its natural state, so products that weigh my hair down can cause my curls to drop but this product hasnt done that.

I have had these both for about 4 weeks now and I use the shampoo and masque every time I wash my hair, and as you can see from the photo above hardly any has been used at all. This makes these products amazing value for money and for a cheap drug store product I think they are great. L'oreal is also very easy to get hold of, Its sold in boots, super drug and most supermarkets as well as plenty of places online too.

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