Friday, 2 November 2012

October empties

October for me was a month I just went mental for Lush products, I think its mainly because Lush reminds me of Christmas time and I'm really in the festive mood right now (early I know).

Its raining men (my favourite honey/toffee scented show gel!) , Ultrabland (my most reached for and used facial cleanser) and Cosmetic Lad (my go to moisturiser) are three products Iv bought over and over again, and can see myself buying a lot more of in the future. Iv already stocked up and repurchased all three, I just really love them. Oatifix is also a very nice face mask by Lush, Its the first time I have used it and Its an actual pleasure to use. It smells so nice and makes your skin feel amazing after. I highly rate this.

Boots Extract sugar scrubs are one of my favourite scrubs, they really do exfoliate well and also leave a layer of lovely oil behind that helps to soften the skin. Boots Extract body butters are also good, not my favourite and not the most moisturising ones iv used but they do the job...would I repurchase though? I don't think so. But I will and have bought the sugar scrub time and time again.

Avene Gentle cleanser use to be my holey grail face wash, Its very simple and very easy to use. Its designed for sensitive, combination skin but I found as time went on, and I used it more, It started to really burn my eyes. I'm not sure if it went out of date or If I just started to react with it, but it has sort of put me off buying another one.

The last two things are hair products, the first is a sample of Osmo hair oil that I had in a GlossyBox, I don't really rate this, I didn't find that It did anything at all to my hair. But the Toni and Guy hair mask on the other hand is a huge winner for me, I really love this and will defiantly buy it again. I have a full review of this mask here.

I cant believe its November already, I'm so exited for Christmas I might explode!


  1. You definitely did go mental for lush products haha! Great post!! Xx

  2. Yeh, this summer I spent so much money in there, I just couldn't stop myself. x