Sunday, 29 July 2012

Collection 2000 'Multiplier mascara'

Iv heard a lot about Collection 2000 mascaras, I know the pixiwoo sisters rate the 'Big fake false lash effect mascara' and Louise from a sprinkle of glitter likes the 'sky lash mascara'. So I thought why not try one of their mascaras for myself. I chose the multiplier because I liked the look of the brush. Its a plastic wand that aims to coat every single lash. 

I initially didn't like this mascara because I felt that it didn't do anything for my lashes, but I kept using it and after a week or two I realised that my lashes once I applied the mascara looked longer, so much longer! Im not sure if its because the formula dried a bit slightly or if my own eyelashes just grew a bit during the time. It gave me great length and really separated my lashes. It doesn't do much for fullness of lashes but if I combine this mascara with a volumising mascara, I get the perfect combination and the nicest lashes iv ever had. It dries pretty fast and don't smudge on me at all and has a very black finish to it.  I really do like this mascara and I think ill try more of collection 2000s' mascaras once this one has dried out. 

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